Multiple Music Frames bug? v3.0.0.1038

Think I stubbled upon a bug. (version

After making two music frames (instead of one) on the -First Master Page-, the first page switches to -Default Master Page- instead of -First Master Page-.

As soon as one of the music frames is deleted it automatically jumps back to using the -First Master Page-.

It can be overridden thru a -Insert Master Page Change-.

There is also no change when choosing different options in -Layout Options/Page Setup/Flows-, -Use ‘first’ master Page-

I thought I might be something with the file (imported from v2), but the problem also occurs in brand new files.

Would be glad to hear if I am missing something, or if this a bug, thanks!

All the best,

See Master Page Problem - Dorico - Steinberg Forums
You are indeed missing something, and no it’s not a bug.

Thanks for your quick reply pianoleo!
I still don’t get why this would be the expected behaviour.

I tried the following:
I also added another music frames to the -Default Master Page- (so it’s 2 music frames on both pages)
Now surprisingly it pops back and the first page is the -First Master Page- again!

Then changing the -First Master Page- to 3 music frames, then it displays (again) the -Default Master Page- instead of the -First-.
When also changing the -Default Master Page- to 3 music frames, it pops back to using the -First Master Page-.

One might not call this a bug, but it seems quite inconsistent in my opinion.

Why would the amount of music frames need to be equal on both -First- and -Default-? What is the actual -mismatch in the main MA frame chain- as mentioned in the post you attached? Thanks!


If the Master Frame Chain doesn’t appear on the Master Page, Dorico can’t use that Master Page. How would it know what to fill the music frames with?
It’s not about the number of music frames on the page, it’s to do with what’s selected in the dropdown menu in the top left corner of each of those music frames.

The -Master Frame Chain- does appear on all -Master Pages- and is properly named and numbered in the dropdown menu.

There definitely is a relationship to the number of music frames, hence the behaviour I described before.
It even occurs when changing the number of frames on the -Default Master Page- to not equal to the -First Master Page-
(in other words; even when not changing anything on the -First Master Page-)

One might call this normal behaviour, I would call it a bug. It is illogical that the number of music frames influences this and one can not have different amounts of music frames without resorting to -Master Page Change- overwrites (which entails changing every individual layout), whilst equal amounts are fine.

Hope it gets picked up by the team.


Are you saying you have different master music frames, MA and MB? If so, the music frame must be represented in both the first and default master pages. Dorico needs to have a place for it to go if it exceeds the first page.

I don’t know what your particular use case is here, but I wonder if it’s really necessary to use a Master frame. Why not just use a layout frame?

Hi Dan thanks for your reply!

It’s the same MA frame chain all the way through.

I wanted a text or graphics frame in between two music frames on the First Master Page (in all layouts). Besides musical notes I work with texts and images in notating my music.

I can work around it by having the equal amount of music frames on the Default Master Page. It’s just strange it works that way.

Hmm… I tried it myself and got the same results. I agree this isn’t ideal, and I’m at a loss to explain it.

Thanks for taking the time to try it, Dan!

Anyhow, a chance for 3.1 to be even more awesome than 3.0, if the team could have a look at this.

All the best,

It is intentional that Dorico expects the same number of frames in each frame chain on both the ‘First’ and ‘Default’ master pages, but in hindsight I agree that this is unnecessarily restrictive, and we’ll work to relax that restriction in a future version.