Multiple note outs in Drum Map

Does anyone know a way to get multiple note outs (note #s) from one input note in Cubase Drum Map? I also want to be able to route different velocities of one note to different note #s. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


In the MIDI Tracks, you can use MIDI Sends, where you can route the MIDI signal to multiple MIDI Outputs. Is it what you are asking for?

I have a very “left field” suggestion :wink:
Add a Chorder Insert FX to the drum track, and make a “chord” out of the extra notes you want to play from that incoming note (and, yes, it can be velocity-dependent :wink: ).
The main (initial) drawback is that you will want to start with a chord map that plays “thru” (rather than being empty), otherwise it will only play notes that you have assigned to the chord for each note. But once you have set that up the once (and saved it :wink: ), you’ll be able to use it for lots of stuff :wink:.

EDIT: (putting my money where my mouth is! :slight_smile: )…
While suggesting this, it occurred to me that I didn’t have a “Thru” preset already created for the Chorder myself, so I made one :wink:. It has assigned “thru” notes to all 128 MIDI notes (apart from MIDI note #0, which can’t be accessed from the Chorder, for some unknown reason), and on 3 velocity levels. (You can add more velocity levels, via the Layers>Velocity>“Number of Layers” slider on the Chorder, and the “thru” notes will still be maintained :wink: )
The Chorder is a bit “fiddly” to set up (the old one from years ago was much easier :wink: ), but, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, just add the extra notes you wish to the desired incoming note (and to whichever velocity level).

Used without any modifications, it will just play all notes normally :wink:.

Here’s the “Thru” preset for the Chorder. put it into your Application Data Cubase 8>Presets>Chorder folder (or ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 8/Presets/Chorder on Mac)… (3.27 KB)
IF you want the extra notes to play on a different Instrument (or different MIDI Port), you can use this in conjunction with Martin’s suggestion for MIDI Sends (putting the Chorder as an Insert on the Send) :wink:.

I’ll have to get back to this at some point. It sounds like it could result in some very interesting sounds. Chorder is “fiddly” but does get some interesting sounds happening for me.

I read the suggestions from Martin and Vic, but I have a question. You say “Drum Map” so are the “extra” notes playing drum sounds?

What kind of sound or effect you’re seeking to create, could you explain? Are you using some version of Groove Agent for the drums? If not, which kind of drums are we talking about? Different instruments may offer you various ways to obtain the sound you’re after.

Well, the Drum Map just sends out MIDI notes, so it depends upon what it is actually routed to :wink: )

I’ll let beatpete speak for himself as regards your other questions :wink:.

I would like one midi note to trigger several other midi notes. Also, it would be nice to seperate different elocities on one midi note to several midi notes.

Sorry, but did you not read my post? That is precisely what the Chorder plugin does :wink:.

I like this method, Vic. Thanks for explaining it. It’s a novel use of Chorder and I might not have thought of it without reading your post.

On the flip side, I’ve recently been experimenting with using Groove Agent Patterns to play instrumental sounds – GA MIDI Out routed to Instrument MIDI In.

I finally got around to trying this and it did exactly what I needed, thanks! I’ve got it setup with a 2 way velocity split but the lowest split point I can get is 45, I guess this is just a limitation?

Great! :slight_smile:
I hadn’t tried adjusting the velocity split points in detail, but, doing so now, I can confirm. (I had wrongly remembered that you could just freely drag the individual split points, whereas in fact, there is just that “Velocity Spread” slider).