Multiple noteheads

Hello all, does anyone know why, when I paste a bunch of single notes into a bespoke drumkit, I get multiple unison noteheads as in the attached? Best, Michael
Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 09.23.19

For the time being, I think you cannot simply copy and paste percussion stuff from 5-line representation to 5-line representation. These are actually a kind of condensed one-line staves. If you switch to one-line representation and copy line by line (i.e. instrument by instrument), you’ll notice it will work without a problem. Then switch back to 5-line representation and you’re done. Granted, it takes more time. But at least it does work.
I don’t know if that behavior is part of the many improvements the team is working on for Dorico 4. We’ll know when it’s there!

Brilliant little hack there Marc, many thanks. Just for others: what Marc’s getting at here is done in the Layout options und the Players tab (left) then Percussion block: you set the player to display one of 5-line staff, Grid, or single-line instruments. Switching temporarily to single-line before pasting did indeed avoid all the multiple noteheads, and switching back after the paste caused no problems. Best, Michael