Multiple ornaments on the same note

Though it may be here somewhere, I haven’t been able to find this issue on the forum. I’m reproducing an old edition of organ chorale preludes, and occasionally there are two ornaments on the same notehead (cf. m. 3, lower voice below):

Dorico only allows one ornament per notehead—I can have either the trill or the turn. The classic workaround is to use Shift-X text and the SMuFL repository, which is working of course, but is not semantically ideal. Are there plans to allow for multiple ornaments per notehead? This issue pops up not infrequently when dealing with pre-1700 keyboard music.

You can have more than one ornaments per note. The simplest way to achieve it (assuming you created it with the mouse using the right hand panel) once you entered the first ornament, make sure you select the same notehead again (instead of keeping the ornament selected), and click again on a different ornament on the panel.

Ah, of course! I was clicking one ornament after another, and naturally the selected ornament was being replaced. Thanks!

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