Multiple Output problem - Cubase 5, Groove Agent One

Hi - been pulling my hair out all day over this - PLEASE HELP!!

All I want to do is split up a Groove Agent kit into separate outputs - snare on one channel, kick on another etc…

This is what I’m doing:

  1. Open up VST Instruments
  2. Activate All Outputs
  3. Open up the Mixer and label each channel to correspond with the various elements of the kit - snare, kick etc

BUT STILL the entire kit comes through on just one channel and isn’t split up.


Please please help!

create Instrument, Groove Agent, Activate outputs, all outputs

Drag a sample on one pad.

In the tab main, choose output and select output 1 up to 16.
Do this for each single pad.

Don’t use the bus or aux.

It should work.