multiple outputs using the MR816 as a sound card

Hi all,newbie here,just got a MR816CSX and so far I am blown away. I am moving from a M-Audio Profire 610, and I am stunned…everything sounds so much better…Music, mixing, recording…WOW!!!

I think I have it all figured out…BUT, with the profire, I could have all the outputs working at the same time. You see, I have 3 sets of speakers, and could just turn them off and on, and sound would come out. Now it seems I have to go into my Macbook sound preferences and specify the speakers I want to get sound…1,2 or 3,4 or 5,6

Keep in mind, this is not during recording, this is just listening to music…I know how to switch between them while doing that. (it’s also not quite as good,…different, but it’s fine)

Also, the profire could send the full, un attenuated volume to the output of choice. I really liked that because one of my outputs is my stereo, so I could send the full signal to it and use it’s volume.

Anyway, not huge deals, but maybe I am missing something? I searched the forums…


oh, and it doesn’t seem that the SPDIF is sending audio unless I chose those speakers in the mac preferences as well??? I have a VRM box that I connect via the SPDIF … no sound unless I do the above???

That’s odd, no…I must be missing something…help please?