Multiple Outputs

I cannot figgure out how to select multiple outputs at one go on Halion, or GA1, or Halion Sonic, there has to be a way,Right? :astonished:

You have to use the VST Instruments rack and a MIDI track (not an instrument track). The little arrow in the VST instrument rack will let you turn on more outputs. In the Sonic mixer you can assign the outs for each sound, as you like.
I hope this was helpful

Thanks for the reply, when I open the outputs dropdown, the options are to select 1 additional output or enable all outputs. If I want to have 6 outputs, I have to select the next channel 5 times, I thought that you should be able to hold shift and select 2-6 all at the same time.

unfortunately not. I have wondered the same thing and nothing I have done will work around this limitation. I have just gotten used to doing it one at a time like you mentioned. I too would like to see this changed, as with plugins having 16+ outputs, it would be nice to have a faster method of selecting and activating multiple outputs.

Feature request? I think so…