Multiple paste bug with lyrics

Dear fellow Doricians, dear devs,
I just tried something that does not seem to work as intended. When I select a dynamic, select a note in bunch of stave below, the dynamic is properly multiple pasted on those notes. I love that feature, faster than multiplying alt-clicks.
I just tried to do the same with lyrics, my mac is working hard for like five minutes and it looks as though Dorico — instead of copying all the line once in every staff — is having a hard time copying multiple times on every note… I just wait to see whether the beach ball will end but thought it might be useful to let you know.
Capture d’écran 2018-06-15 à 15.01.54.png

I’m not able to reproduce this problem as you describe it in the attached trivial example, Marc. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Open the attached project.
  2. Select all three bars in the top staff.
  3. Do Edit > Filter > Lyrics > All Lyrics.
  4. Copy to the clipboard.
  5. Click in the first bar of the alto staff, Shift+click in the first bar of the bass staff.
  6. Paste.

This works reliably for me – how do my steps differ from yours? Thank you. (302 KB)

Dear Daniel,
These are the same steps as mine. I don’t see any attachment here, but I think it has to do with a problem on the site… I will try and send you a minimal example by email.

At the time of posting this, Daniel’s attachment doesn’t exist for me either.

There was a problem last night with attachments (I think the quota had been used up). The file is attached now.

Dear Daniel,
I tried again the same workflow with the same file… and the problem does not happen anymore!!! I will make sure I’ll post the project when if that issue happens again…
Sorry for that
And to be complete with the problem I had : the beach ball never ended, so I had to force quit Dorico, and restart it twice in order to go on with my work (as usual when there’s a crash or a force quit).

It certainly sounds like somehow it got into an infinite loop and was doing the same operation over and over again.