Multiple Percussion playing techniques for one MIDI note

Hi all,

Is it possible to assign more than one playing technique to one MIDI output? For example, I have a score with both open and half-open hihat notes, and I want them to appear in the score that way, but I would like them both to be exported as open hihat—note 46 in GM. It doesn’t seem possible in the Percussion Maps dialogue to add multiple entries to a single MIDI note, nor multiple playing techniques to a single entry, but am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

You can add multiple entries to the same MIDI note in the Percussion Maps dialog, but you have to add a keyswitch in order to tell Dorico that MIDI note 46 can produce two different sounds: see the ‘Add Keyswitch Alternative’ button in the action bar below the list of MIDI notes in the Percussion Maps dialog.