Multiple Players on One Stave

Hi! I’m wondering if this is at all possible, but I’m copying score work over for a course, and I can’t seem to figure out how to make a horn section in 4 parts, but two staves. For visual, the sub-bracket would have one stave with I on top of II, then one with III on top of IV, then the Horn group name on the left in the middle of the two. I’ve already done a lot of moving around to edit names to be as close as possible. Most posts I’ve looked up about this are from a while ago, and I was wondering if this had been updated yet since it’s a thing very commonly found in professional scoring. Thanks!

Condensing functionality was added in Dorico Pro 3, and refined in Dorico Pro 3.5. See Condensing (and go through the helpful links at the bottom of the page).