Multiple players sharing a staff

Hi all

I was just wondering if there was any sort of timeline of when we’ll be able to (without work-arounds, I mean) be able to create staves that are shared by multiple instruments (i.e. flute 1-2, horn 1-3, etc.)? I don’t mind doing completely full scores when exporting parts but like to use condensed scoring for my conductor scores.


I can’t give a good indication about this, except to say that we do have some really good plans in this area, but that the implementation of such features is very complex and will take us a lot of time. We are also currently focused on more near-term features that are even more important to many users than this, such as chord symbols, repeat endings, piano pedaling, and then thereafter cues, unpitched percussion, etc., so it will be a while before we can really devote a lot of time to this functionality.

Although I’d also like to see what kwaselewski does, I am really positive about the priorities Daniel has outlined!

Thank you, Daniel, for your quick response! I totally understand about your priorities and am looking forward to the future of this software!

Derrek - this is the work-around I’ve been working with. It’s pretty simple - in “setup” mode, you click the ‘>’ symbol to the left of the instrument name and then click the ‘>’ symbol again next to the smaller highlighted instrument name and click “edit names” and then from there you can make your adjustments! It definitely works for aesthetic’s sake until we get the feature later on down the line!

OK. It’s time for an update on this topic, please. Last response from the Dorico team was (AFAICT) on May 2, 2017 – about 10 months ago. In one earlier post, Daniel called it a “game changer”. I agree. I am developing scores for full orchestra, and desperately need a magic button to dynamically combine two players (e.g., Flute I and Flute II) into one staff on the Full Score (or a Custom Full Score), except in the write mode, with each player/part appearing as a separate “voice” on that single staff. Automated “a2” or “Fl 1” would be nice, as well, but the automatic combining is the big ticket.

Any update for us, Steinberg? TIA.

As I just mentioned in another thread, I’m also looking forward to this. For musical theatre, it’d be great if certain vocal lines can share a stave for part of a piece, but then split back out into their own staves later.

Our next release will not include the features to provide automatic condensation of music for multiple players onto fewer staves. It will contain some important and necessary improvements to the handling of staves through the course of a flow, but to produce our envisioned solution to this set of requirements will take considerably more time than we have available to us for our next release. However, it is pretty much the highest priority area we plan to work on once our next release is finished, and I am confident we are going to come up with something that genuinely will be a game changer. Unfortunately Rome cannot be built in a day, and we have a limited number of developers and a great many necessary improvements and features to build.

Thank you, Daniel. That is very encouraging. I print many, many copies of the score-in-progress as I go along, orchestrating, so for me, combining staves as a last (painful, manual) step one time is a non-starter.

Oh, this is bad news… I had really hoped for this to be of higher priority.
Now that I have switched to Dorico, one of the most annoying things to me is that the material of a complete wind band simply does not find on a regular A4 page without combining some of the players to one shared staff.

So - I assume it will be about another year to wait?
(And paying for two updates??)

We cannot magically make difficult things easier to implement, unfortunately. I can’t predict how long it will take for us to implement; as I said elsewhere today, how long something will actually take becomes apparent only once you have done most of the work.