Multiple playheads?

I would like to switch back and forth quickly to listen to two different sections in a piece - e.g., one near the beginning and one near the end. Ideally I would be able to set up two different “views” (windows, tabs, whatever) and have playback in one "view " start near the beginning and then switch to the other “view” and have the playback start near the end.

However, it seems that there is no way to do this - if I switch my playback to start near the end of a piece, then it is the same setting in all windows/tabs. Am I overlooking something obvious? Thanks.

That’s correct, the playhead can be at only one location, regardless of what’s in focus on a particular window.

Well harrumph! But seriously, am I the only person who ever needed this? It seems so useful. Anyway, I’ve edited this topic and added feature-request. Long shot, but it can’t hurt.

Thanks Dan!

Finale has a playback option for “Leftmost measure” where the playhead will always start from the leftmost measure on screen. If Dorico could implement this as an option, would that be useful? You would always have playback starting in whatever window or tab you were viewing.

That would certainly be better than the current behavior. But once the ability to have separate playheads per window were added to Dorico, it seems reasonable (at least to this retired programmer) that the playhead could be anywhere in each window.