Multiple plug-in windows in File workspace?

Is this seriously not possible without using a montage???

I’m not exactly sure what the question is but for plugins in the master section when working with a single audio file (not the montage), you have (at least) these two choices:

  1. Independent Plugin Windows, and more than one plugin window can be open simultaneously
  2. Plugin Chain Window, where all plugins are collected in one window for easy management

There is a setting in the master section (the wrench icon) to determine if Plugin Chain Window is active or not.

See the attached screen shots for a visual of what’s possible.

See my message above, but after looking at your Stereo Tools bug video, I think you would simply prefer to turn off the Plugin Chain Window settings. You may need to remove all the plugins inserted to make the initial change.

Fabulous, thanks so much for the very helpful reply!

The same function in the Montage is called something totally different in the Audio File space, and I don’t know how people figure out how to do what I wanted to, even if they find the plug-in chain setting.

Once again, WL proves to be some of the most powerful software I’ve ever seen, as well as the most frustrating.

I do see your point of confusion but the setting I showed you for the plugin chain window option in the global master section is true whether it’s for an audio file or montage, they can both share the same master section and therefor this setting.

The montage does have slightly different wording to get into the settings for plugin chain window behavior for effects inserts specific to the montage (clip, track, montage output).

In the Audio File editor space, a plugin can only be inserted on the global master section but the montage offers some additional places to insert effects obviously.

So another way to look at it is that there is a setting for the global master section (whether using an Audio File or montage or both), and a separate place for the settings for inside a montage specifically.

I stand corrected (as is not uncommon). I had mis-interpreted an earlier post from a forum search. Turns out, it was describing something a bit different than what I was looking for.