Multiple problems with Nuendo 13

Sorry for my English, I’m using a translator.
I bought Nuendo 13, but I am forced to go back to 12 since working has become difficult.
Nuendo 13 freezes, closes by itself.
It doesn’t show me saved track presets, just empty folders.
They removed the function of managing the sensitivity of the “sends” with the mouse wheel.
I also feel that the “editing” seems much rougher, as if it had lost sensitivity.
Someone else happens? Does this have a solution?

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It sounds like you have a fundamental problem between the software and the OS / computer hardware.

You should probably list computer specs, OS version and N13 version (latest?).

Usual ways of troubleshooting is starting with a clean new project to see if that works, not from a template. You can also try to start in safe mode… and so on…