multiple processors for rendering

Is it true that rendering files from the montage is only done with one processor of the computer? If I recall correctly, batch processor can go faster as you can choose the amount of processors. Batch processor is not always ideal though. WIth plugins such as Ozone 5 being very demanding of processing, it can take a long time to render an entire album of music…especially when you add in some Waves and UAD plugins.

Will it be possible in future versions to have the montage render engine be multi-processor?

This is right. Note that it’s impossible for a host to oblige a plugin to use more than one CPU. But one CPU could be used for each plugin. Currently this is not supported.

Hi PG,

First of all thank you for the best platform for mastering!!! I compared carefully and many times with virtually all others (Sadie, Pyramix, Soundblade, Sonic Studio, Samplitude) and Wavelab 7 wins, easy!

I use some heavy plugins mastering for 5.1 and sometimes it becomes too much for the computer to play. I always run at 192KHz with 64bit files. Many times I work with a large cache that gives me around 15 seconds of playback before silencing, barely enough to work. Using different cores for each plugin would make my life a lot easier. I always use the plugins on the clips. Almost never on the master section or on the tracks.

By the way, a Pro Tools issue that may be of interest: I use ProTools HD as my audio board, this makes it impossible to run the 64 bit version of Wavelab as it doesn’t comunicate with the PTHD drivers.

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Merci bien,
Luiz Tornaghi

Wavelab 7.2.1(build 600) 32bit
ProTools HD2 accel PCIE (v. 9.0.6)
Windows 7 ultimate SP1 (64bit)
Intel I7 Extreme 980X (running at 30x, so clock at 4GHz)
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
6Gig Corsair DDR3 (3x2)
NVidia GTX460SE