Multiple projects open performance problem

I have the problem, that switching between two full orchestra scores takes very long. So when I want to copy and paste something from one file into an other, I have to wait 15-30 seconds, before the target window get responsive so that I can paste something. (I have a 12 core machine with 16GB RAM and everything on SSDs)

What I see is, that the unloading and loading of the samples seems to take quite long.

Are there ways to disable temporarily the audio output and have then a better performance?

IIRC something along those lines is expected in an update.

Unfortunately there’s currently no good way of disabling the loading of sounds when switching between projects. Are you on Windows or Mac?

I see from another of your posts that you’re running Windows. If you move the VSTAudioEngine.exe file out of the way such that Dorico can’t find it, then Dorico will start up without using any audio at all, but this will not only disable playback altogether but also all MIDI input, so you won’t be able to use your MIDI keyboard for step-time input either. You may also encounter problems when you add players/instruments while the engine is disabled, as Dorico won’t know to reconnect those players/instruments to new sounds in HALion when you next run with the engine enabled again, in which case you’ll have to use the Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments menu item. In general I wouldn’t recommend this course of action, but in lieu of Dorico having a proper feature to activate only one project for playback at a time, I can understand why you might want to try it.

@Daniel, I am working on Windows.