multiple quantize buged ?


i have a far mic and a close mic on a drum
i can’t to hiptpoint/quantize the sounds.
but i want far and close not to loose phase.
i use the quantize panel … but i can’t select the tools i see in manual (2 tracks with priorities)
i select both track then open panel or select regions the open panel … sometime i get the good quantize panel with 2 track but as soon as i clic on it (even to move the window) it comes back to basic quantize panel (for one single track) … what am i doing wrong ? (followed that vid)


Make sure the tracks are in a folder with group edit engaged.

hi likelystory,

thx for help. yeah i tried this with or without …

IMHO multi track quantising IS buggy.

Issues I regularly get include: slices where there is no transient (on any of the tracks); sometimes the full Quantise panel does not open even though the folder track = was checked before recording; trimming one of the tracks in the folder group sometimes doesn’t trim all tracks in the folder; erratic behaviour when there are several takes overlaying (I now remove all takes except the one I’m working on).

It’s disappointing that after waiting years for this tool it is less than perfect. Life’s like that I guess.

It may be buggy but it is definitely finicky. No lanes can be open and the folder track they are contained in has to be on and only the first track in the folder can open in the edit widow. But I seem to be able to make it work most of the time as long as I remember all of this from the last time using it.