multiple range selection with "range tool"

hope cubase 9 will bring some new approach for editing audio and midi with new tools and vision for faster workflow,with today’s tremendous editing of projects.
anyway if its not going to be there please
make multiple selection of ranges with range tool…
for instance selection of many ranges that contain sss and gain it down with audio process at one command,or bouncing audio of different ranges at ones etc…
now its only done in one selects range,one by one(tedious)

I assume you mean the range tool. Because IIRC it is possible to select non-contiguous ranges with the selection tool.

I agree it would be nifty to do this all at once by selecting non-contiguous ranges, but there are multiple workarounds for this with very minimal extra effort and while using the same tool the whole time.

You could assign a key command to split at cursor, then cut around them and drag them onto a separate track.

You could set the preference to use the mousewheel for event gain and crossfades, then split around the sibilant parts with a click of the split tool and attenuate them quickly

Or you could split either with the tool or with split at cursor and shift + click them all and edit like that.

Possibly all things you’ve thought about, and likely not as convenient as what you’re proposing. But I mean… there’s enough flexibility there that even if this was implemented it would be an upgrade but not a major one.

yep indeed i was referring to the"rage tool" (fixes the title)

i think it is faster workflow enhancement.
basically its possible to do almost everything with cubase or even with simple DAW now days, but if somthing that can be done faster and focused editing wise its worth it