Multiple raw .wav Files/Track

I’ve searched this forum and cannot find an answer to this particular issue.

For background purposes, I’ve recently purchased a Macbook Pro with Cubase 8.0 and have an issue I cannot not figure out how to resolve.

If I record a track named Guitar1, a file is made in on my computer named Guitar1_01, which contains the audio. In addition, a “ghost” track called Guitar1_02 is created, which is blank. If I stop and restart that track, the new audio is placed in the Guitar_02 file, and a new “ghost” Guitar-03 file is created, which presumably will be where my next take will go.

This is not happening for either my of bandmates who are using Cubase 8.0 (one on a PC and one on a MAC) and we can’t figure out any difference in our settings. Their audio files are being filed into the original named file on their computer with no “ghost” files being made for each new take. Interestingly, the Mac user can read the song files I send him, but the PC user cannot.

Doesn’t anybody have advice for how to get all of my recordings to file into the same raw .wav file? Thank in advance for any help!