Multiple Region Export (Cubase 10 Elements)

Hi, I’m editing a sample pack with the trial version of Cubase 10 Elements.
Is there a way to export the edited and named files to single audio files?
I’ve been searching around, but found no answer.


Hi and welcome,

In Cubase Pro you can export by Cycle Markers and you can also export an individual channels.

But if I’m right, this option is not available in Cubase Elements.

In Nuendo you can export Selected Events.

I just did a sample pack and the cycle markers as Martin suggests were a real life saver.

My sample pack was of various woodwind instruments, so each woodwind had a different marker track. Then each loop had a different cycle marker. The loop descriptions were in the individual cycle markers so I was able to export the sample pack an instrument at a time, and use the cubase auto naming tools export with the sample pack name _ instrument name _ description.

But yeah - Cubase Pro only