Multiple Repeat Endings Input Dorico 4

I think that I have solved this but perhaps a question can be asked.

I just tried adding more than 2 repeat ending to a composition.

I used the No. Endings in the Property Panel and was rewarded with a 3rd ending but it was not placed at the start of the 3rd ending but at the point in the 2nd ending where the horizontal line finished. I had added a repeat symbol after the 2 nd ending and assumed that the 3rd ending would be placed after the 2nd ending repeat sign. The only way that I found to correct this was to drag the horizontal line to the start of the 3rd ending. Is their another way?
Could Dorico sense where the 2nd repeat marker is and place the new repeat ending correctly?
Perhaps I am not understanding the program correctly? (Quite possible! )

I did a test in Write mode and added multiple Repeat Endings as I went and it all worked as documented . Any thoughts to help me gain a deeper understanding of this wonderful software would be appreciated. Cheers.

Hi Tom, there’s another way of adding additional endings using either the repeats popover or the panel equivalent – have you tried either of those?

Unless what you want is for your repeat ending structure to have 2 segments, but have them played more than 2 times in total? In which case, this is what you’re looking for, in combination with the ability to allocate “playthroughs” to endings.

Could you perhaps share some pictures or a project file of where you’re at currently, to give us an idea of where you want to end up?

Thanks Lillie, I could only make the Repeats Popover work when I was in write mode. I tried Ctrl R then ‘add’ but nada. If I went into the panel I could add more repeat endings. My main issue is that I had to manually extend the 2nd repeat bar’s horizontal line over the 3 bars in the 2nd repeat ending . Otherwise it created my 3rd ending too soon. I have attached the file to make more sense. It is a very simple scenario but seems to be a complicated procedure to get there! Cheers

That’s expected – you can only use popovers in Write mode, because that’s the mode where you input music.

To make sure the repeat ending segment spans 3 bars, select those 3 bars before adding the segment. You can always use the standard commands for lengthening/shortening items too, which for repeat endings will lengthen the final segment in the structure.

Having looked at the file, yes I can see the behaviour for adding additional endings isn’t quite as described – I’ll review the docs there.

Thanks Lillie, I was hoping that Dorico would see my added repeat ending and automatically insert the 3rd Repeat Ending at the correct place. I just dragged the segment but that seems to be a little clumsy to me. That is all. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Is there any way to make a repeat ending that is defined like so:
1 ending/ then 2-3 ending.
I tried using the properties panel for this, but got a little confused about which function did what.

Yes, you can edit the No. times played property, having selected the relevant ending in Engrave mode:

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