Multiple repeat indication at beginning?

I’ve got some multiple repeats played 3-4 times. Dorico makes them easy to create, and they play back properly, so bravo for that! But the “play 4 times” indication is on the end repeat rather than the beginning. Is it possible for that indication to be at the beginning repeat? (Dorico Elements, so no engraving module.)

I don’t know much about Elements or if it can do it but this is how:

Engraving Options-> Repeat Markers->Repeat Count->“Location for repeat count”

I found that it is an option in the repeat properties panel. There is a checkbox to put the indication at the start rather than the end. When I check it, it does the expected thing, and puts “play 4 times” on the beginning repeat rather than the end repeat. BUT, it only does it on the score. The individual instrument charts still have it at the end. Why??

Do you have the properties panel set to Local or Global?

Does Dorico Elements have an Engraving Options dialog? Cmd-Shift-E

Properties set to Global

I’m out of ideas, sorry. Maybe it’s just not possible to do it globally in Elements.

no it doesn’t.

Have you tried changing the property in each instrument?

That fixed it. I had to open up each instrument layout and check the box there. Not sure why “global” or “all” didn’t do it.

or “all” didn’t do it.

Ah, there’s the clue. Read the little headings: The Global Only button hides local properties. You want the Globally button all the way over on the right.

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