Multiple repeats on standard barline repeat?

Hi all,

In Dorico 2, when I click on a normal repeat barline to try to do a more than 2x repeat (say, repeat a section 3x), I’m not given any options in the properties panel… I only get this when using 1st/2nd endings. Am I missing something? Is there another way to achieve this?


Click the ending brackets, not the barline.

Craig, I don’t think Ken wants any ending bracket… hence the problem !
Ken, you might use system text to add this kind of information. Or send a picture with the design you would like to produce, and we’ll help you better.

Thanks guys.

Yes I don’t want first or second endings. I just want a standard repeat barline that repeats more than once.

In Sibelius, you would click on the barline and tell it how many times to “play” which would be your number of repeats. Obviously I can just write the text to say “3X” for the players to see, but since we now have repeat functionality, I assumed this would be included?


Sorry, misunderstood. :blush:

Dear Ken,
The playing repeats functionality is not fully implemented, since DP2 cannot read complicated repeats (D.S., D.C., al fine…), those kind of structural repeats. I’m quite confident that once the team gets that part fully addressed, you will be able to tell the software how many times it should play this part or that other part :wink:

Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious.
This board reminds me of the old days of Sibelius. Thanks.


Has Dorico 3.5 (elements) got the ability to playback more than a regular 2x repeat?

The “Number of times to repeat” is in the properties panel of Write mode, so it should be present in Dorico Elements 3.5.

Oh yeah. I forgot about that! Thanks, Derrek.