Multiple reverb plugins suffer from low bitrate distortion after Windows 10 1803 update

Windows 10 64-bit 1803
Intel i7-7700k
ASUS Maximus IX Hero
Cubase Pro 9.0.40 64-bit
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 1st Gen USB Driver 3.2.1 | 24-bit 48000hz
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver 6.0.1 | 16-bit 48000hz

Repro steps:

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add any audio track or instrument track
  3. Add any recorded audio or midi data to track
  4. Add a Roomworks reverb to track insert
    Result = During playback, the reverb is distorted in a similar manner to a low bitrate setting on the Bitcrusher distortion plugin


  • Issue began after updating Windows 10 to 1803 update
  • Issue is exacerbated by increasing “size” control, and by increasing “efficiency” control, although distortion is still present if both controls are at their minimum
  • Issue is more easily heard by setting mix to 100, and setting the high frequency level to 100

Attempted resolutions:

  • Issue is present when using either Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver or Focusrite Scarlett ASIO Driver
  • Issue is present after reinstalling Focusrite Audio driver
  • Issue is present after reinstalling Cubase
  • Issue is present regardless of buffer size
  • Issue is present regardless of ASIO Guard settings
  • Issue is present regardless of Windows Power settings
  • Issue is present regardless of Windows Audio “exclusive mode” settings

EDIT: Can now confirm this happens on REVelation reverb as well. It does not happen on REVerence however. Obviously this is a software issue unrelated to specific plugins. If there is a configuration issue that could cause this, please let me know what I could try on my end to fix it.