Multiple Samples Triggered via Groove Agent

Hi guys,

Groove Agent is triggering multiple samples during playback.

(On a track containing groove agent) On the midi note recording, i’ve recorded some ride cymbals … but while its playing back, groove agent is triggering random snare and crash in the mix.

i looked in the piano roll, and there are no midi notes that are triggering them … why is this so ??? :confused:


In addition,

after removing the track completely, and re-adding
the drum kit “Rock Kit 2” it still does the same thing !


Several possibility’s here.

Are you sure you have not loaded a MIDI plugin (like arpache)?

Do you have some exotic controller that is sending note messages? If so - make sure you do not use “omni in” for MIDI, but select your MIDI pad/keyboard as input.

Do you have loaded extra samples in Groove agent? If so - it is possible you loaded a sample in the wrong layer? As an example: you can have a kick in the first layer and a snare in the second. If you done that, a low velocity gives you a kick and a higher velocity a snare.

Just a few possibility’s. Until now I have not seen that kind of bugs in Groove agent (but I just could be lucky).

Hey J,

Thanks for reply.

No, i’m not using a midi plugin.

No i tried to unplug the midi controller … still the problem persists.

No, I don’t have extra samples loaded in Groove agent, i’m using the stock drum kit “Rock Kit 2” contained in the Cubase Package

… I can’t even finish this track :open_mouth:

Maybe a stupid question, but have you scrolled the piano view way up and down?

It is very easy to miss some lonely MIDI notes a whole octave or more higher or lower. I know this because that happened to me sometimes too… :blush:

If it’s not the case I am afraid I am out of ideas…

No that wasn’t it either, it was the chord track was turned on & it was triggering the the grove agent lol

Thanks for your help J & to all for the help.