Multiple screens windowing issue

I use multiple screens, some of them temporarily available only, like a second laptops monitor via maxivista and the ipad via iDisplay, in addition to stationary screens, switched on and off by demand.
The idisplay ipad screen gives me perfect additional screen real estate to place one of the three mix consoles full screen on it.

First of all, when I start iDisplay which adds a 2048x1536 screen to my computer setup, cubase moans that QuickTime doesn’t support this resolution. I get this message box three times and “ok” it, no harm done.
Can I do something about this? I don’t want this dialog to appear just to be "ok"ed…

When iDisplay runs, it works perfectly meaning I can perfectly use the mix console #2 full screen on my ipad. The idisplay screen is placed under my stationary screens, desktop wise.
Now, when I save a project with iDisplay running, and load it back without the idisplay screen, all my windows within cubase are of other size than when the project was saved.

Same happens with the maxivista screen, placed to the right of my stationary screens, desktop wise: saving with maxivista running and loading without it running, meaning desktop resolution has changed causes all cubase windows to resize according to the desktop resolution change.

As maxivista, and especially the ipad/idisplay are switched on/off quite often during a session as they only are used on demand, chances are high that I save projects when using a different desktop resolution than when loading the project, causing windows resized/repositioned, I constantly resize/reposition windows manually after loading projects…

Is there anything I can do about it? I don’t want cubase to alter position or size of project windows among sessions…