Multiple Screens

Hi Everyone,
I’ve just got myself a touch screen display and would like to put the mixer on this as a secondary display on my computer. I’ve obviously got the display set up and working so can anyone explain in Cubase 9 how to put just the mixer on the secondary display and ‘fix’ it there so it opens in that place every time. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Set up you interface and save as workspace in the workspace menu. There should be a two monitor setup in there already.

Thanks I didn’t think 9 had workspace must have missed it

Aha, I think it’s because I’m using Elements I guess :frowning:

Next question then, if I use to upgrade to Artist would that give me the facility to do what I want?

What you do is open the full MixConsole. In the title bar, click “Devices” then “MixConsole”. Then maximize it in the right screen. It shouldn’t need workspaces.

Just what I wanted thank you!

And save it as a template as well. That way cubase always start up the way you want it!

I have Elements but can not save templates. It’s for Elements or I have a trouble?.
I want to configure all two display and then save as a template for every new project

Elements have templates, of course! (I use it myself) You find it in the file menu

when I use “Save as template” a window opens, then I write a filename, pres “OK” (Aceptar) but nothing happens.
Tthe window don’t close nor the template is saved . Is like if something was wrong