Multiple select of track with controller wheel help

Hi everyone…does anyone know if there is any way i can use a wheel controller (ideally either artist transport or ai knob on cc121), to select multiple traks on both the project window and mix console? I have already setup my artist transport jog to scroll tracks but it would be perfect if i had another setup to select them as well…


To select another track and keep the original one selected, you can use Key Command Shift+Key Down (in the Project window) or Right (in MixConsole). So if you would assign this Key Command to your Artist Transport (as far as I know, you can assign any KeyCommand, right?), then it should work.

Thanks Ill Try is asap

I really must be missing something very obvious because i cant get it to work…to give you a better idea of what im trying to do ill explain…i have already assigned the buttons on the transport to select the actions of the wheel…one of them anables the wheel to select project tracks which is great for my workflow(although for some reason its upsidedown/right instead of left which is also a problem)what ideally i would like to do is have another button do the same thing but instead of scrolling through the tracks to select them…is this doable?i just saw a video of the faderport 8 mod for cubase and they have this function working so id guess it cant be that hard right?

I have an Artist Transport as well. I don’t believe it’s possible to select multiple tracks using the standard "Track Select’ wheel function in EuCon. What you can do is create a custom wheel function that sends up/down cursor commands. Then you can scroll through tracks with the wheel and hold down shift to select multiple tracks as you scroll.

Only trouble with this approach is that it will not work in the MixConsole (because this would require left/right cursor, NOT up/down cursor).

Thanks for the suggestion…ill try this today…by the way if you are using the track select function with the wheel is yours reversed as well? meening right goes left and up goes down?

J-S-Q, thank you for re-phrasing. This is what I ment. :wink:

Indeed Martin, I think you had pretty much already posted what I wrote! :slight_smile:

Yes, it does feel wrong/reversed. That’s another advantage of creating a custom wheel function using the cursor keys -you can have it going the ‘right’ way.