Multiple Sheets with the same look in one Project (?)

Hi, Community,

I think I need your help. I would like to create several lead sheets for one project.

Each lead sheet should have basically the same appearance, i.e. on the first page the project name, title name, composer, lyricist, arranger, etc. and below that the sheet music, and from the second page on only the title and a page number.

However, if I create a new flow for each lead sheet, the first page of a new flow looks like a second page, and thus all information such as project name, composer, etc., which should actually appear on the first page of each new lead sheet, is missing.

By the way: Can I export each lead sheet as a single PDF at the end?

Is it possible to realize my intention in a single Dorico project, or do I have to create a new Dorico project for each lead sheet?

Thank you very much and best regards,

Layout Options—Page Setup—Flows. That’s where you set the option to use the First master page on the first page of each flow.

It’s easy that way…
i would appreciate knowing every feature of this program with a 1.400 page manual…

Two more questions please:

  1. Can I export each flow as a single PDF?
  2. Can I use the layout of my Master-Page for other projects? Where can I save it as a template?

Thxs, best

  1. Yes. Set the page range for each export. You’ll need to do that manually.

  2. Yes. You can export master page sets and import them into other projects.

Thxs a lot!

As a supplement to 1):
Another possibility would be to create a separate layout for each flow and to name this layout the same as the flow…
Then it’s easy to select a specific layout for export, and if you enter $l for the name in the export settings, the PDF will be exported with the name of the corresponding flow…

By the way: When creating a new layout, all existing flows are automatically included. If I only want one or a few flows to be part of a new layout, do I have to deselect all unwanted flows manually, or is there a faster way to do this (in my project there are some 100 flows) ?

If you create a custom score layout rather than a full score or part layout, then it won’t have all of the flows assigned by default.

You can remove all flows in a layout using the right-click menu, then add the ones you want. You don’t need to “remove one flow” 100 times.

Which right-click-menu is meant, and where do I have to include/exclude the flows?
By the way: When I create a new flow, it is automatically included in all existings layouts, although I want them to be the way they were before creating the new flow.
How can this be activated?

See the attachment.
Layouts right click.png

Yes, that’s it! Thxs a lot!