Multiple sonatas in one project?

I am looking for the best course of action to do the following: I am compiling a collection of sonatas, each with three movements into one Dorico project. I’d like each sonata to start a new page (using certain settings of a master page), but would like the movements within each to continue on the existing page if possible. As of now I made each movement of each sonata its own flow. Are there options for specific flows or is there are a better course of action? Thank you in advance.

Assuming you use flow headings, you can use a Frame break (or set up each flow to start a new page in Layout Options) at the start of each movement flow and then use the First Master page to start each new sonata. You may want to create a special Master Page for the very first sonata if the appearance needs to be different from that of the rest.

Using this method will result in a “First Master page” for any flow that (accidentally) starts on top of a new page. The solution is to use the “First Master page” for what it is meant for and make a Custom Master Page for the first page of a sonata (which has to be assigned manually for each sonata … so get your layout done before that).

If you want ‘Big Flows and Little Flows’, then you can use Flow Headings for “III - Allegro”, and Masters for each Sonata’s title. You will have to use manual Master Changes, either to stop 2nd or 3rd movements on a new page from having a First master, or the other way round, to give your 1st movement a Title Master.

It doesn’t really matter which way round you do it, unless you can space things out so that subsequent movements always start in the middle of a page…!

I’d welcome the possibility to group flows. It has come up before.