Multiple songs. Copying between projects.

I have recorded ten series of songs. I would like to put all ten songs in multitrack format into one project for live performance.

At some gigs I would take out the rhythm guitar, at others, the vocals but not the background vocals. At others the drums and a drummwer use in-ear monitors . Just be flexible accoring to the gig.

Can I drag-and-drop a whole song from one project into another or would I have to export all the tracks, then re-import> Has anybody done this? :nerd:

you can drag n drop audio and midi events between projects AFAIK

That´s right, you just open the other songs parallel and drag/drop them.

Later you can use the Arranger track to mark every song as a proper section,
this allows you to make playlists, so live you may change the order of the songs.

Hope this helps.


Many thanks