Multiple songs playing at once

All of a sudden I opened my project and I have multiple songs playing at once. When I last closed this was not happening. Also my CPU meter is higher than normal, which I guess should be expected since multiple songs are playing. As you can see on the left side 3 songs are selected. Any idea why this is happening?

I right clicked and CUT one of the songs then Edit>Undo which placed the song back. Now, only one song is selected and each song plays as normal when clicked on. It must be some bug…

No, but it would be very helpful if you could remember what was your last action before it happened.
It comes to no surprise that the multi-selection disappears after an undo operation, as the program often checks to avoid multiple song selections, looks like you found one nevertheless, but no idea how to reproduce. We’ll add another check, thanks for reporting.

While I’m not certain, more than likely I was copy and pasting parts to build each song. I would copy the “chorus” part which contained Stacks and rename it to “Chorus 2” and so on. When I saved and closed the program it wasn’t happening. When I reopened a few days later and clicked play is when I noticed it. The first song stayed highlighted no matter which song I clicked on and when I would click play each highlighted song would play.

Thank you!