Multiple soundcards

Is it possible to run 2 sound cards simultaneously?
Device setup alows you to choose your ASIO driver and loads the relevant sound card, however in the Devices list under VST audio system,only the currently associated card is shown,
I have a ZOOM R16 as well as an M-audio Delta card and would like to be able to access all available ports.
Is this beyond Cubase 5’s capabilities?
If not, how do i set it up?

Yes it is. Cubase can only use one audio driver at a time. You’ll need a driver which is capable of handling multiple audio iterfaces the same time. Fortunately you’re not out of luck:

Thank you Jarno, i’ll give ASIO4ALL a try.
I have it loaded already but found it had a greater latency with the Maudio card so stopped using it.
I haven’t yet tried it now that i have the R16 as well.
I’ll let you know what happens.
Thanks again for the sugestion.

Brilliant, Asio4all got all cards working simultaneously.
Thanks again for a simple solution.
Latency is still a bit of an issue but there are plenty of work-arounds for that.

Or you can use Generic Low Latency ASIO driver, then select all in and out ports. But Asio4all is the better option.