Multiple Speakers UR28M

I just bought this and already am afraid I may need to return it… Using it for Protools…

Her’s what I’m needing to do.

Output A=NS10’s
Output B= SUB

No matter which mode i try (independent or alternate) I need to be able to have speakers A & B on at the same time.

I want to have the NS10’s with my sub on and then turn off B to mute my sub.

If I choose the Alternate mode then I have separate volume controls of the A-C outputs which is pointless in having my gain structure of the NS10’s VS the Sub. If I choose Independent mode then both can be on, but I have no way of turning off just the sub…

Seems very basic to be able to have A & B on at the same time…

Does anyone else have the same setup?

In my studio, I typically have the A,B & C feeding 3 separate Monitor pairs. The C pair however also have a sub which contains the active amplifier (it’s actually an 8Channel surround) so I can add in sub if I want it. If in your case you’re unlucky to have a sub which does not have separate L & R outs of it’s own, then you’ might try using a custom cable which sums the L & R for the sub, just make sure you don’t end up shorting the L /R signals.

If you run in independent mode, you can have any given mix associated with any or all Outputs A,B or C.

To put that clearer, you can have mix 1 (assuming this is your main output) routed to output A and B. If you select the Output B (on the ur28m) (assuming this will be driving the sub), the volume control will adjust the volume of the sub without affecting your A Outs going to your NS10s.

Hope this helps :wink: