Multiple staccato dots on a single note with slurs

Hello all. I’m trying to replicate a notation in which multiple staccato dots (in this case, four) are placed above a single note with a slur over them. I’ve attached a picture to let you know what I mean.

Through the custom playing technique tool it’s easy to line up four staccato dots as a single glyph. However, I haven’t found a way to place a small slur above the dots. Any ideas on how this could be done? (Or, if there happens to be another/easier way to approach this?). Thanks!

slurred staccato example.png

There’s a precomposed glyph with exactly this, right here: (it’s U+E66C) that you can make into a playing technique.

That’s it, it had to be under the one and only place I didn’t think to look. Thank you!