Multiple Steinberg CMC-FDs in Mackie HUI or Mackie Control?

Can you use mulitple Steinberg CMC-FDs in Mackie HUI or Mackie Control Emulation?

Why? Well…

If you set one real hardware control surface that uses ‘Mackie Control Universal’ and other one (whether it is real or on an ipad or phone or whatever, or possibly this Steinberg CMC-FD if it is possible) to ‘Mackie HUI’ they will mirror each other instead of adding additional fader banks. So…

If you can add multiple Steinberg CMC-FD units in Mackie HUI mode, you will get a nice meter bridge for your real control surface without it stealing the channels off your real control surface.

What I am trying to work out exactly:
Can Steinberg CMC-FD work with a real Mackie Controller?
Can you mirror the faders on a control surface to the Steinberg CMC-FD?


If no one knows the answer I might have to just buy 1 instead of 4 to test it out, could be a waste of money though if it doesn’t work.

No, CMC series doesn’t work as Mackie Control or Mackie HUI. It send MIDI data, but the “translator” is in the Cubase separately.

So what happens then if you hook up a CMC-FD to a system that has an existing hardware control surface using Mackie Control or Mackie HUI in Cubase? Will it add faders onto your exiting setup or mirror the faders on your existing setup or just not work at all? I’m still thinking of buying one to test it out if no one has tried it yet.

heya. i have 3 CMCs…the TP, AI and PD.

the drivers for the CMCs are very closely and tightly integrated into Cubase. I hear what you are suggesting but thats not how the CMC drivers work. As you plug in a CMC and the drivers install, it comes up in the “Devices” list and has its own separate settings under the device name. you cant “tap into” a CMC fader and get it to send CC data or anything. they are very much hard wired into the Cubase functions. For example i would really like to use the knob on the PD to do other things, but theres simply no access. it will only do what Steinberg has decreed it will do, wired up directly in the background, which is really very little in the case of this knob. Very much wasted if you ask me. But you can only use this knob to scroll down presets in a list of Cubase …AND THATS IT. so much more potential for use but locked out. hmmpf

so there will be none of this business of assigning it to Mackie HUI functions im afraid. It has been decreed. (if you know of a way let me know!)


Thanks for the reply, I bought one of ebay out of curiosity before anyone got back to me. I plan to connect it and see what happens. Since it is targeted towards those without an existing control surface it might mirror my exiting control surface anyway or just not work at all, we’ll see. Otherwise I’ll put it back onto ebay for half price and just lose $50

Have you tried assigning commands manually by adding a ‘generic remote’ in Cubase and trying to find the midi in and out of your cmc-pd? I think that would work if it uses midi.