Multiple Stereo Outputs in Montage

I’m disappointed that you can not have multiple stereo outputs in the montage window without changing to some surround configuration. This is a major issue because you can’t have one file route to a different pair of outputs to do A/B comparisons in hardware like the Dangerous Monitor ST, Crane Song Avocet, etc. You’d also want to bypass the master section as well since the additional file or files would be your “B” in the comparison and shouldn’t get processing in the master section.

The obvious problem a surround configuration causes is that you can’t use stereo plugins in the master section.

If anyone has a viable workaround I’m all ears. This one issue is the main reason I can’t use Wavelab for mastering start to finish. I end up mastering in something else and using Wavelab to double check my work, add metadata, and create DDPs.

I can relate to some of this. I use Pro Tools for playback/capture through the analog gear before finishing up in WaveLab. Pro Tools is great for this because before I get started I can duplicate a track (then hide it and forget about it) and then send it to another digital output on the sound card feeding my Avocet for instant A/B of the raw file and my work in progress. You could also send the same track to more than one output but I like to A/B against the totally raw file before any plugins I might insert on a track before sending audio to the analog chain.

Then, the audio being sent to the analog chain I always send to two stereo outs so I can choose between two different D/A options to feed the analog chain. It’s easy in Pro Tools to send a track to more than one output. Then I also can choose between my two A/D options on the capture track in the same Pro Tools session which is as simple as changing the input on the track. Or I could record both A/D inputs if I wanted to but I never do that.

I also think it’s crucial that my source track and capture track are perfectly in sync on the same timeline incase of any punch-ins or redoes, and the playlists in Pro Tools combined with AudioSuite make doing any touchups with RX5 very easy and safe should you need to revert to the original capture and start again. That’s the advantage to doing this step in more of DAW environment.

I’m getting off-track but I certainly see the value in what you suggest, and would love to do all the work in WaveLab but right now, I just can’t. Nothing beats WaveLab for the “finishing work” of a typical album mastering project though.

Yup, I pretty much work the same way only insert Studio One since we have migrated away from Pro Tools. I have the outputs going to my Monitor ST. There is just something about being able to push a button and hear a gain matched version of the raw mix, a test master, or anything else really. It just sucks I can’t work this way in Wavelab :confused: It just seems pretty obvious since regardless of working completely in the box or using hardware like we do this is a workflow that is beneficial to both.