Multiple Tempo / Time signature

Cubasis 3, does this have multi tempo/time signature track capability?
Our songs never conform to just one tempo :pray:t2::question:
I currently use Cubasis 2 and have been hopeful of this feature to be added.

Hi fishon73,

Thank you for your message.

As of yet, Cubasis 3 does not offer tempo/singnature track options.

We are aware to have the request on our list for quite some time.
Unfortunately, the feature comes at very high cost development-wise.
At the moment, I’m unable to give you a estimate when we will see it in Cubasis.


Hi Steinberg :slight_smile:

I just bought Cubasis 3, I’m pretty happy with it so far but it seems it has a serious limitation of signatures which can be only 2-7 / 4.

No way to have 2/3 or 6/8?

Why? Not all songs in TOP 100 have 4 measure :wink: