Multiple Tempo Tracks

It would be great if Cubase offered a convenient way to determine the tempo and metric settings per individual track or group of tracks.
What I mean by that is to have a convenient option which allows me to assign the 5/8 time signature to track one, and 4/4 to track two, as well as being able to assign track one to the tempo of one eighth note = 160 and track two with one quarter note = 100.
This would enable you not only to easily combine different time signatures for the tracks, but you could also have tracks with their own tempo settings related to the master clock for the project, as well as being able to assign accelerando and rallentandos to a specific track/group of tracks.

The way I imagine it, there would be one master time track for the project, and separate tempo tracks related/linked to this master time track.
Individual tracks could then be linked to a specific tempo track.
I know this feature has been suggested in the past by others, and I just want to bring it to your attention again. :slight_smile:

I have asked for this. I would like a tempo track for each part.

I certainly hope that we will see Steinberg announce this feature in a future update. It opens up so many creative possibilities.

The words “Steinberg” and “creative” don’t really go together.