Multiple tempos, musical mode and a raw file

I have a collaboration project with my band. I have a track with different tempo’s (medley for a coverband). I export bounces to my bandmembers, they record their part. So 1 song is 120 bpm, second song is 150 bpm etc…

After that I import their parts as a raw WAV into my project. BUT I want to change the tempo of a certain part they played.I want to speed up song 2 to 155 bpm instead of 150 bpm. Everyting moves corretly except for their part…

If I import the file as musical there is only 1 tempo correct, the rest gets stretched. If I don’t select it as musical the file doesnt respond to tempo track changes. So I want to tell cubase ‘hey this file I just imported corresponds to all your musical tempo thingies I already programmed in the track’.

Thank you for advance. (I have cubase 12 pro)

Take a look at this video. Towards the end Dom shows how to embed the tempo changes into the audio file.


Thank you SO much, that was exactly what I was looking for. Happy new year!