Multiple track archive imports break instrument tracks

Carrying this over from the 7 forums. Tested on 8.0.5 (Win x64).

  1. Import track archive that has an instrument with multiple outputs.
  2. Do the same again.

Now if you look at the second instance, the additional outputs display different behavior, as the instrument track header in the inspector turns gray.

  1. Insert a plugin and write automation on output tracks other than #1 on the second instance

Cubase creates a new copy of the same output, and the automation is only visible there.

Animated GIF of the behavior: (made on 7.5.30, but behavior is identical in 8.0.5)
Cubase 8 track archive in question: (doesn’t matter which plugin it uses, just happened to demonstrate it with this)

I have also noticed some weird issues with it too.

Hello… anyone?

Now tested on 8.0.20 as well with a fresh track archive. Same behavior as in the 7.5.30 GIF.