Multiple track editing in Montage

Scenario: As part of an edit project - mix engineer is in Nashville, I am, well, not… - I have received multiple backing vocal tracks (16). It’s a 2 hour live DVD and I’m wondering if there is a way to do basic editing across all the tracks - not clips - at once. For instance, fast muting sections of vocal silence

I’ve tried grouping them, then “Erase part of clip inside selection”, but that only erases the selected clip

Is it going to be easier to just create a new project in Nuendo?


But if you want to stay in Wavelab, you can do the command you’re talking about by making a time selection on one track and then using the menu Edit/All Tracks/Erase Selected Time Range.

There are other ways to select and edit/adjust clips on multiple tracks. Ctrl/Shift/draw a box, then Alt to adjust fade-ins / fade-outs simultaneously on multiple tracks. Also the menu Edit/All Tracks/Split at Cursor to create segments that can be easily removed, faded in / faded out, simultaneous volume envelope adjusted (holding down Alt) across multiple tracks, etc.