Multiple Track Freeze (Unfreeze)

I agree fully on that. It’s not critical, more of a nice to have. And yes, the 5 sec default length if most often sufficient, and one can take obvious longer ones in a second go (or simply increase the time length further). Still, it would be a time saver, you would not need to even think about it anymore.

Let’s call it an optional add-on feature. Batch Freeze Deluxe version.

I also mentioned a simpler approach, if the “Automatic tail size detection” is too much hazzle to implement:

  • an additional Fade-out section to the tail end (this approach will also avoid any abrupt ending, fading out instead, and is easier to implement (no audio measuring needed)).

So I can see 3 different levels of ambition to the Batch Freeze function:

  1. Include “Automatic Tail Size Detection” (detect tail silence automatically, option to set threshold value and fade-out length).
  2. Include “Fade-out section” that automatically applies to the tail end (option to set fade-out length).
  3. None of the above, just cut the tail at set time length (as now) (sufficient most of the time).

This functionality could be used though also for Render-in-place and for Arranger Track Events, so it’s not only for Batch Freeze.
But yes, it is more important to have the Batch Freeze at all, than to also include additional finesse.