Multiple track to single VI

OK, day 3 of Cubase after leaving Logic.

I’ve been trying to figure this one out - how do I map multiple instrument tracks to a single VI instance? For example I might have three violin parts but I want them all to trigger the same Vienna patch in memory. I know I could combine the notes into a polyphonic track, but it’s easier( from an arrangement POV) to have each line separate.

Also the MIDI note resolution looks to be 120 pulses per 16th note (ie 480 ppqn). Is this fixed or can it be altered? I’d prefer to set it to 960, just because I have Excel files which automatically calculate the note resolution for complex n-tuplets.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you are using instrument tracks then you are limited to what you can do!

Use the instrument panel (rack) and normal midi tracks.

The number of Ticks per quarter note can be set in the Preferences/Midi/Midi Display Resolution

I swear that was not there the last time I looked. Damn it!

(Appreciate your answers, apologies for brain failure at my end)

A little elaboration on Splits reply to your first question:
If you use the instrument rack (f11), you kinda split your regular instrument track in 2 parts, input and output.
Any instrument you load there will automatically create a VSTi track in your project. This track is used to control all your instrument output matters like insert effects, channel EQ, fader/panning, control automation etc. For input, create any number of Midi tracks you want, and assign their output to the loaded instrument. Voila, 1 instrument and as many input tracks for that instrument as you like.

also note that if you use any multitimbral VSTi’s, this method is actually the only way to use them, because normal instrument tracks allow only 1 midi channel.