Multiple Tracks Batch Export Audio Mixdown Question

Hi i would like to export audio mixdown lots of individual tracks to individual mp3’s
These Tracks are all different lengths,can i automate the export audion mixdown process so that Cubase automatically adjusts the locators FOR EACH TRACK as it is being exported to the correct left and right locator positions, or does Cubase simply export audio mixdown to the longest track locator positions.
Wondering if a macro can maybe be set up for this
I have read manual which also refers to setting cycle markers.
Any help would be appreciated,Thanks

I will do,many thanks

Hi Sorry [jjitter]i didnt set out my question properly,its the export audion mixdown SAVE on multiple tracks which i would like to automate so that all tracks are saved to the correct length of each track.

Sorry for posting a reply to some other question here. Still getting used to this new format of the forum. :upside_down_face:

To quickly create a cycle marker for a region, check out this post - Create Cycle Markers Based On Parts?

Looking at this post, if you can keep all the tracks on a single track one after the other, creating cycle markers for each track(part) can be very easy. Then its just a matter of exporting individual cycle marker ranges from the Audio Mixdown dialog. Cant think of a more automated way.

It was me who changed the question to try and make more sense for people to understand,i am listening to what your saying ,i just think this cand be done using a macro,thanks again

I hear how you want locators to readjust with a macro to make things easy. Cannot be done.
I have been wishing for years that locators could be shifted with a macro so that I can loop record the first 4 bars and then the next 4 bars and so on. No such thing as ‘Cubase automatically adjusts’ when it comes to locators. You have to give it some command, atleast a macro or two.

Yeah i’m with you on this one,i find it hard to beleive that software as sophisticated and developed as Cubase doesnt have an easy way to automatically export multiple audio mixdowns for different.
Its that hard to
Maybe Wavelab has this feature and Steinberg wants us to buy that as well,i dont know.
Theres probably other software on the market that does it.
Ill have a look at To quickly create a cycle marker for a region, check out this post - Create Cycle Markers Based On Parts? Thanks

Looks like theirS a really easy Fŕee Way to do this, Download AUDACITY ,ive just watched the tutorial, Search How To Convert Multiple Wav Files into mp3 in YouTube,
Looks to me as this is the answer Hope this helps you jjitter