Multiple Tracks from Yamaha MW10C


I am new to this topic. So my query may be a silly one, please excuse me.

My landscape is Win 7(DELL) laptop, Yamaha MW10C, Cubase AI 6, Headphones, Monitor speakers and XLR connected Mic(Shure SM58).

I can connect 6 inputs into my Yamaha MW10C device at same time. But when I record multiple inputs at same time, it will come as a single track into my Cubase AI 6 software. Any one knows, or any option available to record each input in separate tracks in my Cubase. So I can easily edit or make effects in each inputs.

Thanks in advance.


From the specs of the device: “lets you easily record mono inputs or two- track stereo mixes of multiple sources to your computer.” So it should indeed be possible. Make sure Cubase uses the ASIO driver of the MW10C and check VST Devices and VST Connections to see how the interface is defined. Then assign the inputs to new stereo or mono tracks in Cubase and you’re good to go.


Thanks for reply.

Yea I am using ASIO driver to connect with my recording interface. But when I configure driver, I can see only two inputs available, one is left and one is right.

Even I route tracks with these inputs, I am getting a mixed track of all inputs in both tracks.

Since I am new to this topic, my configurations may not be right. Can you please help to fix this problem.