Multiple tracks/staves

Hi, I just got dorico and i wonder if you can you select multiple tracks/staves and hear them all play back at the same time using a midi keyboard ? if so could someone please explain how to? so far i have have tried selecting multiple instruments but i can only hear one playing back when i play on my midi keyboard.

Welcome to the forum, Apostolos. Do you mean when you’re inputting notes with the caret spanning multiple staves? If so, I’m afraid the answer, for now at least, is no: Dorico will use the sound of the first instrument for all of the notes you play on your keyboard.

It would definitely be nice to handle this differently, but it’s quite tricky, because we want Dorico to echo the sounds to you as soon as you put the keys down on your keyboard. However, it doesn’t know which notes you play will be played by which instruments until it’s analysed the input and decided how to split it into the different instruments you’re writing for, so there would inevitably be some latency. On balance we decided to favour instant feedback over hearing the sounds of all of the instruments you have selected, particularly because we imagined that on the whole users would typically have multiple identical instruments selected (or at least instruments with very similar timbres), so it wouldn’t be too distracting.