Multiple tracks

Is there a Steinberg expert who can clearly explain this ?

In Groove Agent SE4
What are the exact steps for putting a bass drum on track 1 a snare on 2, etc,etc …is there a video that explains this?

To get each drum on a separate channel you need to go to the mixer of GA4 and under the Kit section you will find that each channel fader is set to “Master”. By clicking on it you can set different outputs for each drum. You then go to the list of your loaded instruments (the section you get when clicking F11) and click on the symbol next to Groove Agent. It is the symbol with a square broken by an arrow gong from left to right. Here you choose the same amount of channels as you used to assign drums inside GA4. If you now go to the mixer of Cubase you will see all the added channels. Each drum that you assigned to a separate channel will now have its own channel in the cubase mixer.

In the main window, in the track section go to VST instruments and open it to find Groove Agent. Open the Groove Agent folder and you will se the same channels. The MIDI file will however still be on the GA4 track as before.

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Thanks for your help…funny how things appear to be right in your face…after you find them!

Thanks again