Multiple trill aux notes

Hello, the composer for whom I am typesetting has written a double-stopped note with a trill note for each pitch (see below). Obviously I can create a single trill note but does anyone know how to add an Fb below the Cb?
Many thanks!

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Change the lower note to a new voice. Add a trill. Activate the show trill mark property (but don’t check it). Flip the note and set the Voice index property (in Engrave) to 0.


Thank you very much.
Hoping for a more simple solution one day!
Also the entire method doesn’t seem to survive a copy & paste step, only up until “add a trill” as far as I can see.

You need to show the trill mark in order to copy it. If you want to copy the double trill many times you could let the step “Activate the show trill mark property” as the last one. Copy as many as you need then select all of them, filter the voice with the trill marks you do not want to show, filter ornaments and trills and then set the property.

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