multiple tuplets in succession not working for me

I press 4 for eighth-notes. I press ; and then 3. Then ‘enter’, ready for a string of tuplets with the need to only do the dialog popup the once.

But after one tuplet, the string stops, and I have to do the dialog box again and again. But sometimes, the system does work as intended, and when it does, it’s great. It’s unpredictable, however, when it will work or not. And I’m sure it’s something on my end.

Many thanks, all!

I’d say eighth-notes shortcut is 5.
Apart from that, I don’t know what’s wrong. I sometimes get weird behavior, restarting Dorico sometimes helps (though not everytime).

If you move the caret with the arrow keys, then Dorico will disable sticky tuplet input. To keep inputting tuplets without having to restart them, just keep typing notes or hitting Space: don’t use the arrow keys to move the caret.